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Monday, August 11, 2008

T3B Stocks Trading Seminar preview

Review of T3B Stocks Trading Seminar preview
Speaker: Melvin Wong
Seminar Package

· RM 4000 + RM988/ year (T3B software) **
· Support Class every Saturday
E-forum for members
** price valid as at date of review (July 08)
Our thoughts:
Thumbs up

Preview: There are three different courses being offered by this company. T3B, MetaAsia and C02. A friendly speech by the speaker and great interaction between speaker and audiences on the floor.

Content: A detailed introduction of the software and methodology used in the course. First impression I had about the course was it is an easy way to learn trading in stocks with the software. The software is capable in providing 3 important pieces of information.
“what to buy?”, “When to buy?”, “When to Sell?”
Thumbs down

Preview: The preview and actual course are conducted by professional coach (whom is the ex-student of Keane Lee).
Course: It may not cover the fundamental in details like technical analysis and charting.
Turn up & Sign on rate: The turn-up rate for the preview was okay.