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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Preview of The Ultimate Forex Trading Seminar

Preview of The Ultimate Forex Trading Seminar
Speaker: Lily Thniah

Seminar Package
· RM 4500.
· 6 to 12-month installment plan
· 1-year unlimited support
· Support classes on every Tuesday
· You’ll be rebated your course fee through your forex investment.
**price valid as at time of review (July 08)
Our thoughts:

Thumbs up
Preview: The animation, photos, video clip, words of wisdom are simply impressive. Well coordinated with the background music. A song by Celion Dion; A New Day Has Come. Come on, the title of the song tells you something, doesn’t it.
Content: It covers a brief overview of forex market. If you are wondering how much the forex market can offer, this preview provides some valuable insights.
Turn up & Sign on rate: The turn-up rate for her preview was good. 15-18 people. The sign-up is about 40%.

Thumbs down
Preview: It was started 15-20 minutes late. Yeah, you are right, this is Malaysian time.
Many testimonials to share. But not many came from successful live traders.
Course: No detailed information about her trading strategies. It is difficult for comparison purposes.
She mentioned too many winnings. This makes me felt very impractical. Come on, if you win, someone has to lose. I prefer if she can emphasis on managing the risk apart from winnings.